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Plot-Driven Para-Normal Eco-Thriller

The Rapture - Liz Jensen

Set in a recognisable near-future world on the brink of eco-catastrophe, The Rapture is the story of Bethany, a teenager locked up in a secure psychiatric establishment for murdering her mother with a screwdriver, who when she is given electric shock treatment, has visions that enable her to correctly predict earthquakes and other natural disasters. No one believes her except her wheelchair-bound therapist who has problems of her own recovering from the car crash which, as well as paralyzing her, killed her lover and unborn child.

It's a plot-driven book and this shows. Some of the dialogue strikes me as insufficiently digested research notes; some of the psychology seems a bit stage-managed. But it's a gripping read nonetheless, particularly for the portrayal of the damaged adolescent at its heart.