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Accessible Texts For Latin Learners But A Little Dry

Imperium Et Civitas - Patricia E. Bell

Imperium et Civitas is a collection of Latin Passages Selected from history, poetry, speeches, and letters with vocabulary, notes, and questions. It's part of the Themes In Latin Literature series published by Cambridge University Press.

There aren't enough accessible Latin texts for learners, or occasional readers, so this is a useful series. However, I found this collection to be rather dry. I suppose I should have worked that out from the title (empire and citizenship). In particular, I struggled with the excerpts from Cicero's prosecution of Verres. They had been edited to make them easier to translate but in places I found the editing removed essential context making them more difficult for me to comprehend; but perhaps I just didn't work hard enough and perhaps my Latin is more rusty than I like to think.