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Well-Crafted Genre Fiction

At Risk - Stella Rimington

The first novel from former MI5 boss, Stella Rimington, is, as one might expect, a thriller about a terrorist bomb-plot. Tightly plotted with a complex jigsaw puzzle of intersecting events and characters, it is packed with cliff-hangers.

Liz Carlyle, a female MI5 operative struggles to track down the security service's worst nightmare an 'invisible' - a home-grown terrorist with no obvious cultural or political allegiances - who is bent on carrying out a high-profile strike against an unknown target.

Relying on her own instinct as much as organisational resources and bedevilled by inter-service rivalry, Liz and her prey draw closer and closer as the plot ticks relentlessly and nail-bitingly towards its explosive climax.

A well-crafted and thoroughly gripping piece of genre fiction.