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A Deceptively Simple Tale Of Recovered Memory

The Truth About Melody Browne - Lisa Jewell

Lisa Jewell has been called the queen of chick-lit but she's much better than that. Like a younger, female Nick Hornby , she writes deceptively simple prose and uses everyday details to anchor her images. I really liked Ralph's Party, her first book. Nothing else has quite matched that for me.

The Truth About Melody Browne is about a young woman who has lost the memory of her childhood and begins to recover it after an encounter with a stage hypnotist, only to find that it is full of terrible traumas. Despite this, the book is very upbeat, funny and life-affirming.

Three stars is a bit harsh. Maybe it should have three and a half but no more because it's so badly edited and because too many things are just too simple, like Ben, the boyfriend who is too nice to exist in this world. Nevertheless, it's very readable, as all Lisa Jewell books are