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A Terrific Ending To A Fictional Tour-De-Force

Abhorsen  - Garth Nix

The third book in Garth Nix's trilogy satisfyingly pulls together the narrative threads begun in the first two. What I enjoyed particularly, reading it for the fourth time, was the way the integrity of the fantasy was so water-tight so that that tiny details I missed in initial readings now stood out as part of a cleverly conceived plot. Here is a writer who knows exactly where he is going with his story from the very first page.

It's a beautifully textured narrative and, remarkably, even more of a page-turner that its predecessors. The stakes are cranked up with every chapter until the final apocalyptic confrontation. But character is never sacrificed; nor are there the lengthy expositional passages that bedevil so much fantasy writing. There is no excess baggage here just first class stortelling. It's a terrific ending to a fictional tour-de-force.