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Other People's Lives

Dziewczyna z pociągu - Paula Hawkins

Rachel's life is falling apart. Alcoholic, overweight and still hopelessly in love with her ex-husband, she  gets the same train into the city every morning even though she was fired from her job months ago and spends her days hanging around in parks and public libraries.


Each morning the train stops at the same signal and Rachel stares at the back of the same house, occasionally getting a glimpse of the couple who live there. She fantasises about that couple, creating for them the dream life that she wanted for herself.


Then one day she learns that the woman who lives in that house has been murdered and she realises that she has a vital piece of information about that woman, something she has glimpsed from the train that makes all the difference.


The cleverly-structured narrative drip-feeds you just enough truth to enable you to navigate through the maze of confusion and  misery that clouds Rachel's vision. Is she just a sad sensation-hungry drunk, looking for meaning in other people's lives because she has lost all hope of finding it in her own? The police certainly think so. To them she's just another one of those sorry individuals so fascinated by a violent crime that they cannot stay away. But what if she really does know something about the murder?


A tightly-plotted character-driven thriller, compellingly narrated and full of twists and turns, The Girl On The Train draws you into the lives of a group of characters you may not want to know but cannot ignore.