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The book reviews of UK children's author, Brian Keaney

A Children's Classic That Never Disappoints

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis

Christmas seemed a good time to revisit this children’s classic. In doing so, I was struck, as always when reading C S Lewis, by how good the narrative voice is. Such a confident storyteller, he never gets the tone wrong, is never patronising and always sure-footed.


Of course, some of his assumptions do not chime with the modern zeitgeist: attitudes to gender roles, for example. But to complain about his overt Christianity, as some do, seems misguided to me. One might as well complain about John Bunyan’s Christianity, or Milton’s. That's the whole point. The death of Aslan, for example. which so closely parallels the passion of Christ, is superbly realised and tremendously moving. His characterisation is clear and strong and the characters are surprisingly complex, always having to contend with their own inner struggles as well as the battle between good and evil that rages around them.