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A Study In The Atritional Nature Of Modern Life

Faceless Killers (Kurt Wallender, #1) - Henning Mankell

I find a lot of crime fiction almost unreadable. However in Wallander Henning Mankell has created a very credible detective, beset with his own problems including a father who is sinking into senility, while all around him the formerly insular and homogeneous society of rural Sweden is changing under the influence of immigration, drug abuse, and all the challenges of contemporary urban culture.

Chronically over-extended by the demands of his disintegrating family and the pressure of two murder cases, he struggles to make sense out of a jigsaw puzzle of events from which far too many pieces are missing. When the answers finally come, he realises he has been looking in the wrong place the whole time.

Not so much a thriller as a study in the attritional nature of modern life.