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The Most Inteliigent YA Fiction For Years

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins

The second book in the Hunger Games trilogy is as action-packed as the first. The conceit that powers the first book is cleverly sustained as we witness a re-run of the deadly game show through which the ruling class of a society very like our own but further along the road towards complete decadence stamps its control upon an already subjugated populace. Once again our society is reflected through a mirror salvaged from the excesses of Ancient Rome and garnished with the technology of tomorrow.

Of course it's not without its faults. There's a slight feeling of inertia at the very beginning as the author gets over the awkward business of transitioning readers from the first book; there are places where the story feels manipulated in order to create the driving plot; and emotions are often over-explained for the benefit of the reader. Nevertheless it's a thrilling read and for my money, the most intelligent Young Adult fiction to come on the market for years.